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The Israeli military has charged two soldiers with multiple crimes after they allegedly sought revenge and bombed a Palestinian home.

In a press release, the Israeli military confirmed two soldiers and an additional accomplice “assembled an improvised explosive and threw it into a crowded house.” Per the military, the soldiers attacked the home because they were seeking “revenge for the kidnapping” of Tiran Ferro, a young Israeli boy injured/killed in a car accident.

According to Ferro’s father, the boy was on life support when Palestinian gunmen stormed a hospital in Jenin, “pulled the plug” on his son, and took his body. The incident caused widespread anger among Israeli soldiers operating in Jenin. Despite the boy’s father’s claims, Jenin’s governor said the boy died before arriving at the hospital.

Israel said that despite the soldier’s actions, no one was injured in the attack. The country has not detailed what charges the soldiers face but noted they are “severe indictments.”

This comes as the Israeli government rarely charges soldiers with crimes against Palestinians. Over the years, Palestinians have claimed that Israeli soldiers commit crimes against them. In addition, Palestinians commonly claim that the Israeli government “protects” their soldiers from any punishment. Footage posted on pro-Palestinian channels often shows Israeli soldier aggression against Palestinians, who often beat and shove them. Despite this, the Israeli government downplays the videos, arguing that the videos are “selectively” edited not to show Palestinians throwing rocks, bottles, and other objects at Israeli soldiers.


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