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President Biden has communicated to Chinese President Xi Jinping that the United States will take “defensive” actions if North Korea conducts a nuclear test.

At a news conference, President Biden said he communicated to Chinese President Xi Jinping that the United States would respond to a new North Korean nuclear test. He called on President Xi to curb North Korea’s “provocative” actions. Biden also said that China had “an obligation” to dissuade North Korea from raising regional tension. President Biden did acknowledge that it remains unclear if China can “control North Korea,” but it was essential to try at least.

Another view:
A senior US official also spoke to reporters following the President’s remarks saying, “We know that Beijing has influence in North Korea. China probably has more influence in North Korea than in any other country.”

A larger US presence in the region:
During their conversation, President Biden also conveyed to President Xi that North Korea’s provocations would increase US military assets in the region, which China is against. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said, “If North Korea keeps going down this road, it will simply mean further enhanced American military and security presence in the region.”

This development comes as China and Russia recently voted against condemning recent North Korean missile tests on the Korean Peninsula, resulting in the US openly criticizing both countries for “protecting North Korea.” China and Russia fired back, saying that the United States was instigating tensions in the region by conducting large-scale military drills with South Korea that simulated an invasion of North Korea.


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