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For the first time, South Korea has been invited to participate in US-led cyber operation exercises as tensions on the Korean peninsula are high after multiple North Korean weapons tests.

In a statement, the commander of cyber operations in South Korea, Brig. Gen. Kim Han-sung said, “Our military’s participation in the Cyber Flag exercise will provide an important opportunity to strengthen the readiness among allies against cyber threats and build partnerships.” South Korea’s cyber operations division says the country will send eighteen personnel from their agency to attend the exercises being held in the United States.

According to US cyber command, the cyber flag exercise will include multiple seminars, cyber field training, and “cyber war games exercises.” The meeting will also include “hands-on-keyboard training” that focuses on defensive cyber exercises meant to stop “malicious cyber actors.”

This comes as President Biden and South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol pledged to “deepen and broaden cooperation on critical and emerging technologies and cybersecurity.”


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