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The Taliban claims they are working to create a “safe environment” for girls and women in secondary schools and the workplace despite criticism from many nations around the world.

Speaking to a media outlet, Taliban spokesperson of the Ministry of Vice and Virtue, Sadeq Akif Muhajir said “I must say that Islam has given women the right to education, Islam has given women the right to work, Islam has given women the right to entrepreneurship. If Islam has allowed it, who am I to ban it.”

When pressed by a reporter about women being forced to leave the workforce, Muhajir responded saying “many women are working in various ministries, including people from the previous government.” He added, “I am working to create a situation where they can work in a way that protects their honor. It shouldn’t be in a way like it was in the previous administration.”

Muhajir comments as the Taliban has imposed limitations on women’s freedoms, including a ban on secondary education for girls.

The International Labor Organization (ILO), an organization that tracks employment levels in Afghanistan,  disputes Muhajir’s claims adding that women’s employment levels fell by 16% in the months immediately following the Taliban takeover. They say male employment dropped by 6%.


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