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Colombia has extradited the sister of a prominent drug cartel leader to the United States, where she will drug trafficking charges.

Nini Johana Usuga

Nini Johana Usuga (39) was handed over to DEA authorities over the weekend after being accused of working on behalf of the notorious cartel “Clan del Golfo.” Usage is the sister of Dairo Antonio Usuga (the leader of Clan del Golfo).

Dario Antonio Usuga (the brother of Nini Johana Usuga). Dario was extradited earlier this year to the United States.

In the official extradition request sent from the United States to Colombia, US prosecutors alleged that Nini Usage received direct orders from her brother to collect “taxes” for cocaine shipments leaving northwestern Colombia. In addition, a cooperating defendant currently under witness protection says Nini Johana “controlled the storage of her brother’s money and was in charge of buying property in her name.”

According to Colombian police, Nini Usage (also known as “La Negra”) laundered money on behalf of Clan del Golfo and was in charge of all international relations with other cartels. Usage was captured back in March of 2021 after Interpol issued an international warrant.

In addition to Nini, six other individuals were extradited to the United States, including two members of the guerrilla group “Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.”


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