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30 soldiers and seven policemen in Nigeria were killed in a coordinated ambush after gunmen attacked a mine earlier this week.

According to officials, the ambush occurred in the Shiroro area of Niger. The troops were initially deployed to the region after reports came in that mine workers were reportedly kidnapped by unknown militants.

Military officials say that the ambush took place as the convoy of soldiers traveling in three vehicles was ambushed on a dirt road by 40-60 militants that opened fire.

Onyema Nwachuckwu (an Army spokesman) confirmed the attack in a statement by saying “troops of the Nigerian Army deployed in Shiroro general area responded to a distress call about bandits’ attack on people operating in a mining site. As troops were en route to the location, they ran into an ambush tagged by the criminal elements. Sadly, a number of personnel paid the supreme price in the fierce firefight that ensued.

Onyema Nwachuckwu (right)


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