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The United Nations refugee agency is calling for “urgent support” after 16,000 people in Northern Burkina Faso fled their homes following a deadly attack that left over 100 people dead.

In a statement, spokesperson Matthew Saltmarsh said “UNHCR is alarmed at the recent escalation of violence against civilians by armed groups in Burkina Faso that has forced thousands to flee, placing humanitarian resources under strain as insecurity continues to plague the central Sahel.”

The United Nations says approximately 12,000 people (primarily women and children) have arrived in the town of Dori (in eastern Burkina Faso) following the attack. UN workers on the ground say that resources are running extremely low, and more assistance is needed to help those fleeing the violence.

The news comes as no group has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack that killed at least 100 civilians in the Seytenga district of Burkina Faso. The unknown attackers targeted men, women, and children. The area is a hotbed for extremist groups (primarily ISIS and Al-Qaeda).

Graves are created for some of those who died 

Government officials say they’ve recovered 87 bodies but believe some families have already buried others. Some government officials speaking to news outlets on the condition of anonymity say that internal numbers within the government speculate the real death toll could be 167 people.


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