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In Afghanistan, the Taliban is facing more armed resistance from militias backed by former military and political leaders.

In the last 48 hours the militias have had 16 known coordinated attacks, here are some:
1. Taliban attacked in the Shotul district, Panjshir province. Which resulted in 17 Taliban killed and 11 captured
2. Taliban attacked in Maymay city, Darwaz-e Bala district, Badakhshan province. 11 dead, 6 captured
3. Taliban convoy attacked in Fayzabad city, Badakhshan province
4. Taliban attacked in Takhar province. The losses to the Taliban were so significant, approximately 300 Taliban fighters were deployed to the area under “emergency orders”

The majority of the attacks are coordinated by the National Resistance Front led by Ahmad Massoud (son of the late Northern Alliance general Ahmad Shah Massoud) and former Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh (who now declares himself the president). Since the fall of Afghanistan, the Taliban has been unsuccessful in fully capturing Panjshir valley and has faced strong resistance. In response, the Taliban has continued to deploy hundreds of fighters in waves, which the former Vice President claims their resistance has defeated.

The recent attacks by the national resistance front put the group in an offensive now, reportedly pushing back the Taliban 8 miles from a nearby holdout. Other groups assisting the national resistance front are led by many former Afghan political and military leaders including former Defense and Interior Minister Bismillah Khan; former Chief of General Staff Yasin Zia; former Interior Minister Masoud Andarabi; Hazara militia leader Abdul Ghani Alipoor.

We will continue to follow this closely and update you on any major developments.


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