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A US Navy amphibious assault ship was followed for seven nights by two car-size orbs of light that were unaffected by anti-drone weapon systems. The incident (which occurred in October of 2021) has recently come to light.

Reportedly the USS Kearsarge encountered the orbs while on a training exercise off the east coast. According to a report, the orbs were approximately a half-mile behind the ship and hovering 200 feet above the ocean. The USS Kearsarge radioed command about the suspicious orbs which informed them the objects were “not ours”. According to a whistleblower, the orbs were recorded on video by countless crew members which were confiscated by the Pentagon. The footage has not been released to the public yet, though various individuals and entities have filed FOIA requests attempting to obtain the footage. The news comes after a similar incident occurred when the USS Kidd was swarmed by at least four unexplained objects in July 2019.


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