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During an appearance on CNN, Trump’s former defense secretary expressed his concern over President Biden’s debate performance and its possible implications globally.

Mark Esper, the former defense secretary under Trump, said, “I mean, it’s very, very serious. I mean, if you’re a foreigner, an ally or a partner, you’re looking at this and you start questioning … does he have the stamina to go another four years? And look, you can’t help but answer and say, no.”

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Esper continued, “We know what he’s wrestling with … we see it unfortunately, in our parents or grandparents and every day, every week, he’s going get a little bit worse. And the question is, at a time when the world needs America’s leadership in the era of great power competition, where the autocracies of Russia and Iran and North Korea are lining up against the Western democracy, American leadership matters. … The commander in chief of the United States is also important.”

Esper’s comments come as other lawmakers have called for President Biden to resign. House Speaker Mike Johnson went so far as to call on Biden’s cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment to remove him from office if he refused. In addition, democratic pundits and some lawmakers have also expressed concern over Biden’s re-election possibilities due to questions about his mental fitness.

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Despite calls from Democratic voters and pundits for Biden to withdraw from the presidential race, the president and the White House has denied rumors that Biden was considering reevaluating his campaign.


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