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A top congressional lawmaker has warned that the United States is currently facing the highest level of terrorist threat and has called on President Biden to declassify more related information.

House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner (R-OH) stated that the risk of terrorism in the United States has escalated significantly. During an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Turner responded to Margaret Brennan’s questions regarding recent arrests linked to the Islamic State. While he couldn’t confirm specific details about the arrests, Turner noted that the United States is under a significant threat of a terrorist attack, which FBI Director Christopher Wray has previously warned.

Turner said, “What’s important about these reports and what we’re seeing, especially in conjunction with Director Wray’s public statements, is that we are at the highest level of a possible terrorist threat. The administration’s policies have directly contributed to threats against Americans.” He noted that these threats are “no longer speculative.”

Turner also pointed to classified intelligence reports reviewed by his committee, claiming that the current administration’s border policies have allowed unvetted individuals, including potential terrorists, to enter the country. “As a result of the administration’s policies allowing people to cross the border unvetted, we have terrorists that are actively working with inside the United States that are a threat to Americans.”

This development comes as FBI Director Wray has been warning for nearly a year that the terrorist threats against the United States are at the same level, if not higher than they were right before 9/11. According to Director Wray, “threats from foreign terrorists rise to a whole ‘nother level after October 7.” Director Wray also admitted that terror networks in the Middle East are working to exploit the current situation at the southern border.


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