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According to a top US border official speaking to Reuters, there has been a significant drop in the number of migrants caught illegally crossing the US.-Mexico border.

This decrease was noted on Friday, with the official indicating that the new restrictive policy implemented by the Biden administration may be a contributing factor.

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According to the source, Customs and Border Patrol agents arrested approximately 3,100 people for illegally crossing, a 20% reduction compared to previous days. The official, who chose to remain anonymous due to the preliminary nature of the figures, emphasized that it is too early to determine if this decline will persist. However, the drop could signal initial success in curbing illegal immigration.

This development comes as the Biden administration introduced a new policy that generally prohibits migrants who cross the US-Mexico border illegally from seeking asylum, with exceptions for unaccompanied minors, individuals with serious medical or safety concerns, and victims of trafficking. This policy also seeks to increase the number of migrants subjected to expedited removal, a rapid deportation process. The official reported that more than 2,000 individuals per day have been placed in expedited removal since the policy’s implementation, doubling the previous rate.

Despite the initial decrease in illegal crossings, questions remain about the sustainability of these lower numbers and whether US authorities can meet their processing goals. The American Civil Liberties Union has also announced plans to challenge the measure, likening it to the asylum restrictions imposed during Trump’s administration.


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