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According to officials in Somalia, at least 55 people were killed and over 150 were injured following a violent clash over the weekend between two clans in central Somalia.

The incident, which occurred in the towns of Abudwaq and Herale, involved the Dir and Marihan clans, former allies in the fight against the Al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab group. The violence erupted on Saturday over disputes regarding grazing land and watering points, according to Farah Nur, a clan elder from Herale. “Government forces came late. Unfortunately, 55 people died, this includes both clans. It was easy to stop (the fight) but it didn’t happen. The situation got out of hand and spread like a wildfire,” Nur added.

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After hours of fighting, soldiers from Somalia eventually arrived and stopped the fighting between both clans. Despite the current ceasefire, locals report that the atmosphere remains tense.

Ahmed Shire Falagle, a top security official in Somalia, suggested that al-Shabaab might have indirectly incited the violence. He said, “We believe al Shabaab is indirectly behind this strange war. These are two brotherly clans that jointly used to defeat al Shabaab.


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