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Congress has officially revealed the first draft of the Pentagon’s 2025 defense budget, which includes significant provisions and changes in military funding and policy.

Despite pushback from Democrats who oppose some elements of the bill, the House revealed the $833 billion draft budget that includes policy changes that would limit presidential authority over arms transfers to Israel and cut back on security assistance for Ukraine. In addition, any weapons previously withheld from Israel must be provided within 15 days of the budget being adopted.

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Cuts to Ukraine:
In the budget, lawmakers have proposed that the United States will officially end a $300 million annual disbursement to Ukraine that provides security aid, which has been in place since 2014. This aid, part of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, is intended to support Ukraine’s integration with NATO and Western forces. This move has led to significant pushback by congressional democrats. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro said, “Why, after this Congress has repeatedly demonstrated broad bipartisan support for Ukraine in its fight against Russian tyranny, are we considering a bill that fails to fund the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative? In addition to fighting Russian aggression, USAI helps Ukraine integrate with NATO and Western forces, directly supporting our broader national security and defense objectives.”

Increase in Military Aid to Israel:
The draft includes substantial aid for Israeli defense, adding $80 million to the annual $500 million the United States provides every year for Israel’s missile defense systems. According to the draft, the US would also provide an additional $55 million for counter-drone equipment and direct energy technology. It also bans funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, intensifying criticism over the humanitarian impact on Gaza residents.

New Jets & Subs:
The draft also addresses military equipment procurement, including additional funding for acquiring F-35 strike fighter jets beyond the Pentagon’s request and omitting funds for a second Virginia-class attack submarine.


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