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The Pentagon has announced a new $1.9 billion US Army contract with Lockheed Martin for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS).

The contract modification for Lockheed Martin will greenlight them to continue producing HIMARS systems, with the updated contract running through May 2028. This system has played a crucial role in the Ukraine conflict, with the United States having supplied over 40 launchers to support Kyiv since the Russian invasion. To ensure continued support, the US has consistently provided ammunition for these systems, except for a brief pause earlier this year due to funding issues in Congress.

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In 2024 alone, the Pentagon’s five Ukraine security assistance packages have included HIMARS launchers or ammunition. The May 10 drawdown announcement, in particular, featured both launchers and ammo, with additional rockets provided in April and May. These drawdowns involve transferring equipment from U.S. inventory directly to Ukraine. Furthermore, a $6 billion aid package in April, funded through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), also included HIMARS ammunition. Unlike drawdowns, the USAI purchases equipment directly from manufacturers.

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HIMARS systems carry a six-pack of guided multiple-launch rockets and can launch Lockheed’s entire multiple-launch rocket system family of munitions. In 2023, domestic cost of a HIMARS system was $4.4 million and $168,000 per rocket (M31 GMLRS )

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This development comes days after the White House authorized Ukraine to use US-provided equipment to strike targets within Russia (these include the use of HIMARS).


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