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Faculty members who work for California’s University system have expanded their strike to include UCLA and UC Davis in protest of the university’s handling of recent campus demonstrations.

The University of California’s academic workers union extended its strike on Tuesday, adding UCLA and UC Davis to the list of campuses involved. This action has now mobilized approximately 12,000 academic and graduate workers across the university system.


At UCLA, roughly 60 faculty members picketed at Royce Quad. This location had previously witnessed violent clashes last month between pro-Israeli protesters and pro-Palestinian protestors. In addition to UCLA, faculty members also started protesting at UC Davis, with various photos being shared on social media.

What they are protesting:
Union members are protesting the University of California’s handling of pro-Palestinian demonstrations, which resulted in the arrests and suspensions of students and some union members. They argue that their free speech rights were infringed upon when police were called to remove the encampments forcibly.

What they want:
The union is demanding amnesty for all individuals facing disciplinary actions or arrests due to their participation in protests and the “protection of free speech and political expression” on campus. They are also calling for the University of California to divest from companies involved in weapon manufacturing and military contracting, and to disclose all its funding sources and investments.


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