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A bipartisan group of US lawmakers have vowed to support Taiwan militarily, diplomatically, and economically during a visit.

The bipartisan US congressional delegation, led by Congressman Michael McCaul, vowed their support just days after China conducted military drills around the island in reaction to Taiwan’s new president’s inauguration. Representative Andy Barr, co-chair of the Taiwan caucus in the US Congress, said, “There should be no doubt, there should be no skepticism in the United States, Taiwan or anywhere in the world, of American resolve to maintain the status quo and peace in the Taiwan Strait.”


Congressman McCaul added, “America is and always will be a reliable partner, and no amount of coercion or intimidation will slow down or stop the routine visits by the Congress to Taiwan.”

This comes as China has condemned the US lawmaker’s visit to the island, accusing the United States of purposely raising regional tensions. In a statement, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said the lawmaker’s visit “ran against the political commitment of the US government to maintain only unofficial relations with Taiwan, sending a seriously wrong signal to the separatist force of Taiwan independence.”

China, which views Taiwan as a breakaway province, has not ruled out using force to bring it back under Chinese control.


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