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Russia’s top intelligence chief has confirmed that more than 20 individuals have been arrested in connection with a terrorist attack claimed by Islamic State that killed over 140 people at a concert hall near Moscow in March.

Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the Russian FSB, said the investigation into the terrorist attack was still ongoing. He added, “It is already safe to say that Ukrainian military intelligence is directly involved in this attack.” Bortnikov did not provide any evidence to support his claims, which Ukraine had previously called “propaganda.” 


Andriy Yusov, a spokesman for Ukraine’s military intelligence agency, responded to Brtnikov’s statement saying “Russian propaganda did not forget about the Crocus story. It will continue trying to promote the absurd point about Ukraine’s alleged complicity even though it can’t stand up to any criticism and it’s completely illogical.”

More on the attack:
The attack, which took place back in March, was carried out by ISIS terrorists who were citizens of Tajikistan. According to Russia, they were paid in crypto for the attacks. Despite this, ISIS claimed responsibility and released photos of the attackers shortly after the attack.

Following their capture, the four men appeared in court, showing various signs of torture (including missing ears, broken noses, and visible face trauma). Russian courts have not set a trial for the four accused, 


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