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The United States has delayed the transfer of precision-guided munitions to Israel, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. This significant pause affects a proposed arms deal that includes up to 6,500 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs) kits designed to convert unguided bombs into precision-guided ones. 

Initially disclosed to Congress in January, the $260 million deal has yet to see any further action from the Biden administration, leading to an effective halt in the sales process. According to the Wall Street Journal, the move comes as the United States continues to push back against Israel’s plans to move on with ground operations in Rafah and increased political pressure on the US. The WSJ noted that the halt is notable compared to previous support packages that moved rapidly to Israel.

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In response to inquiries about the stalled deal, John Kirby, spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, stressed the unchanged nature of US security commitments to Israel. He avoided commenting directly on the arms sale but reiterated the US’s opposition to an Israeli ground offensive in Rafah, a city under siege where Palestinian civilians are concentrated.

This delay in the arms transfer comes amidst the backdrop of the war in Gaza, where health officials and humanitarian organizations report that over 30,000 people have died and roughly 80,000 have been injured during the seven months of the war. This situation has drawn scrutiny and accusations against Israel at the International Court of Justice, which Israel denies. 


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