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Arizona state senators have voted to repeal the state’s 1864 ban on abortion, which could otherwise have taken effect within weeks. 

The decision, passed by a 16-14 vote, is set to be endorsed by Governor Katie Hobbs. This historical move saw bipartisan support, with two Republican senators joining Democrats to overturn the longstanding legislation.

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The measure’s advancement follows its passage in the Arizona House last week, where it gained the backing of several Republicans who diverged from their party lines. Democrat Senator Eva Burch said, “We’re here to repeal a bad law. I don’t want us honoring laws about women written during a time when women were forbidden from voting.”  

Opposing views were strong, with Republican Senator Wendy Rogers advocating for preserving the 1864 ban. She said, “Life starts at conception. They got it right in 1864. We need to continue to get it right in 2024.” She added, “Some colleagues would say it’s politically pragmatic for us to find middle ground. We might lose the legislature, we might lose the presidential election. But it’s more important to do what’s right.”

The repeal comes as legal battles continue over the right to have or not have an abortion in the United States. The legal battles, which became more prevalent after the Supreme Court decided to leave abortion laws to states, have led to bans in some US states. 


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