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Various world leaders are calling on Israel not to retaliate against Iran following a significant missile and drone attack.

French President Emmanuel Macron described the strikes as a “disproportionate response” to a previous incident this month involving an Israeli operation near Iran’s embassy in Damascus, which resulted in the deaths of two high-ranking members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. Speaking to BFMTV and RMC, Macron emphasized, “We have condemned, we have intervened, we will do everything to avoid an escalation, an inferno.” He further stated that France aims to dissuade Israel from escalating the situation and would work to “isolate Iran, increase sanctions and find a path to peace in the region.”


In the UK, Foreign Secretary David Cameron relayed a similar message in an interview with the BBC, claiming that the UK does not support a retaliatory strike by Israel. “Now is the time to be smart as well as tough, to think with head as well as heart,” Cameron said, urging Israel to consider non-aggressive responses.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also weighed in, commending Israel on its effective defense capabilities, which successfully intercepted the majority of the missiles. “This is a success that perhaps also should not be thrown away. Hence also our advice to contribute to de-escalation themselves,” Scholz told reporters. He blamed Iran for the aggression and encouraged Israel to focus on de-escalation.

The sentiment for restraint was countered by former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who argued on the social platform X, “Yes, it’s a remarkable success of Israel’s air defense systems, but it’s not a victory. When a bully tries to hit you 350 times and only succeeds seven times, you’ve NOT won.”


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