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The Biden Administration has announced that it will require more than 200 chemical plants to cut their emissions of toxic chemicals as part of a broader effort to reduce cancer cases.

This initiative, detailed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), aims to significantly decrease the number of individuals at risk due to air pollution exposure. According to the EPA, this move is expected to reduce the elevated cancer risks for people living within six miles of a chemical plant by 96%. Additionally, cancer cases within approximately 31 miles of these facilities are anticipated to drop by about 60%.

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The stringent regulations apply to 218 chemical plants, mandating a reduction in toxic pollution releases by over 6,200 tons annually. Regions like Louisiana’s “Cancer Alley,” notorious for its high concentration of chemical plants and elevated cancer rates, are expected to see considerable benefits from these new standards.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan emphasized the administration’s commitment to addressing pollution and safeguarding public health. “We promised to listen to folks that are suffering from pollution and act to protect them. Today we deliver on that promise with strong final standards to slash pollution, reduce cancer risk and ensure cleaner air for nearby communities,” Regan stated. Additionally, chemical plants will now be required to monitor pollutant levels at their boundaries to ensure compliance with these new guidelines.

The targeted reductions include emissions of carcinogens such as ethylene oxide and chloroprene, as well as other hazardous chemicals like benzene and vinyl chloride. The regulation is expected to result in an 80 percent reduction in emissions of these substances.


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