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Amazon has announced the discontinuation of its “Just Walk Out” technology at Amazon Fresh stores in the United States, signaling a shift in the retail giant’s approach to in-store shopping experiences.

The “Just Walk Out” technology, which allowed customers to bypass traditional checkout lines by using sensors and cameras to track their purchases, will no longer be featured in the company’s Fresh stores. The company plans to replace this system with the “Amazon Dash Cart,” a new method that maintains the core advantage of skipping the checkout line.

Close Up Cart W Screen

The “Amazon Dash Cart” allows shoppers to scan items as they pick them off the shelf and place them directly into their cart, creating a “seamless transition” to payment without the need to wait. This adjustment comes after Amazon conducted extensive redesigns of several Amazon Fresh stores over the past year to enhance the overall shopping experience by focusing on value, convenience, and selection. A company spokeswoman said that Amazon has spent a lot of time and money redesigning stores and studying what customers prefer.

Amazon says its new program will also allow customers to track their purchases, view savings in real time, and bypass the checkout process. While the “Just Walk Out” technology is being retired in larger Amazon Fresh locations in the US, it will remain a key feature in Amazon Go and smaller Amazon Fresh stores in the UK.


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