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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has indicated a possible move to unseat Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) over his support for a bipartisan spending agreement that Congress is anticipated to approve this week.

Speaking on Steve Bannon’s podcast, Greene criticized Johnson for conceding too much to President Biden and the Democrats during the negotiations for government funding. She hinted at a potential motion to vacate the Speakership, a procedural strategy previously used to dethrone Johnson’s predecessor, Kevin McCarthy.

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“We are making that decision on a minute-by-minute basis today, Steve, and I think you can stay tuned. We are going to be making decisions on a minute-by-minute basis today, and I urge you to watch and see what happens.”

The backdrop to these discussions comes as the House took up a $1.2 trillion government funding package, combining the final six appropriations bills for the 2024 fiscal year. Johnson had backed the package following extensive negotiations with congressional leaders and the White House. He highlighted several conservative wins within the deal but admitted that the divided nature of Washington prevented Republicans from achieving all their objectives.

Greene, however, has voiced strong objections to Johnson’s approach, arguing it represents a substantial concession to Democratic demands with minimal gains for Republicans. “This is the worst possible scenario for Republicans,” she told Bannon, suggesting that the move indicates a loss of control over the House to Democrats and questioning Johnson’s leadership.

This comes as Speaker Johnson has still declined to advance a Senate-approved foreign aid bill that would include roughly $60 billion in funding for Ukraine.


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