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Former President Trump is set to clinch the Republican presidential nomination. This victory positions him for a direct contest against President Biden in the upcoming election.

Trump’s win in the GOP primary in Washington has played a pivotal role in achieving this milestone. By acquiring at least 1,215 delegates, Trump has surpassed the minimum threshold required to secure the Republican nomination.

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Before Tuesday’s latest round of primaries, he had already amassed 1,077 delegates. The remaining delegates needed to reach the necessary count came from the contests in Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Washington state, which together offered 161 delegates.

The conclusion of Tuesday’s primaries also marked the end of one of the most predictable Republican presidential contests in recent history. The initial crowded field of GOP candidates narrowed down significantly by the time of the New Hampshire primary on January 23, leaving only Trump and Haley in the running. Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, President Biden has also secured enough delegates to claim the Democratic presidential nomination, setting the stage for the upcoming electoral battle.


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