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Representative Eric Burlison, alongside a bipartisan group of lawmakers, has called for the formation of a House select committee focused on unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs). This move stems from ongoing concerns regarding the Pentagon’s handling of information related to UAPs, which have been a contentious issue since last summer.

Whistleblowers have accused the government of concealing details about highly advanced crafts, possibly of foreign or extraterrestrial origin, prompting serious questions about transparency and accountability. In response to these concerns, the House created a UAP Caucus that sought to establish transparency and direct communication with the public.

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In a statement, Rep. Eric Burlison said, “I think that we owe it to the American people to shed light on the expenditures that are the, you know, where all the money that’s being used to investigate these matters. This needs to be done in a transparent way.”

This all comes after the Pentagon said last week that there were no programs related to reverse engineering UFOs/UAPs, leading to criticism from Burlison. He said, “They weren’t transparent to us in a SCIF setting. So they could have brought forward evidence. They could have explained what these Special Access Programs actually do. But they are not willing to do that with Congress.”

The bipartisan group of lawmakers pushing for more transparency has support from some key US lawmakers, including Oversight Committee Chair James Comer and Representatives Tim Burchett and Jared Moskowitz.


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