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Airbnb has announced a global ban on using indoor security cameras at its listings due to privacy concerns.

The short-term rental giant stated on Monday that this measure aims to streamline its policy regarding security devices and emphasize the privacy of its users. Previously, the platform permitted the use of cameras in common areas like living rooms, with the condition that they be disclosed in the property listings and placed in plain sight.

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In a statement, Airbnb said it collaborated with hosts, guests, and privacy experts to revise its policies. They added, “We’ll continue to seek feedback to help ensure our policies work for our global community.” This decision follows sporadic incidents over the years where guests encountered undisclosed cameras in their accommodations, raising significant privacy alarms.

Despite the change, Airbnb clarified that doorbell cameras and noise decibel monitors will still be permissible for safety and policy enforcement purposes. However, these devices must be clearly declared to potential guests before booking. The company stipulates that outdoor cameras cannot intrude on indoor privacy or be positioned in areas with an expectation of privacy, like shower spaces.

Airbnb is giving hosts until April 30 to adjust to these new guidelines.


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