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The US embassy in Haiti began the evacuation of some personnel on Sunday, responding to the intensifying gang violence in the area.

According to the Embassy, the move was necessary due to the deteriorating security situation near the embassy compounds and the airport. In a statement, the Embassy said, “The US Embassy in Haiti remains open. Heightened gang violence in the neighborhood near US embassy compounds and near the airport led to the State Department’s decision to arrange for the departure of additional embassy personnel. All arriving and departing passengers work for the US government.” This evacuation follows a similar action last July when family members of US government employees and non-emergency personnel were evacuated due to increasing violence and criminal activities.

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Haiti is currently experiencing a surge in crime, attributed mainly to the escalation of gang violence. In recent weeks, gangs have been calling for unity to take on the government, with the goal of overthrowing the current Prime Minister, Ariel Henry.

The increased violence and destabilizing security situation has led to the prime minister fleeing to Puerto Rico. This has led to an increase in calls for his resignation. Last week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken held talks with Henry, focusing on Haiti’s “ongoing political, security, and humanitarian crisis.” According to a State Department spokesman, the US called for a compromise among Haiti’s political factions to resolve the political deadlock.


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