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The United States is reportedly advocating for several countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, and Japan, to intensify their restrictions on China’s access to advanced semiconductor technology.

According to Bloomberg News, US officials are specifically requesting Japanese firms to curtail the export of critical chipmaking chemicals like photoresist to China. Additionally, the US is pushing the Netherlands to prevent ASML, a leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer, from providing service and repairs for chipmaking equipment previously sold to Chinese customers in light of new sales limitations imposed earlier this year.

This push for tighter controls comes as the United States seeks to curb China’s acquisition of technology essential for developing advanced chips, which are pivotal for military and technological advancements. During a meeting on export controls in Tokyo last month, US Commerce Department officials discussed the issue, signaling the importance of aligning international policies to manage technological transfers. However, both Japan and other Western countries have expressed a desire to evaluate the effects of their existing measures before committing to any further restrictions. Part of this is due to the economic benefit these countries get from conducting deals with China.

Despite the urgent calls from the US, the Dutch foreign ministry has refrained from commenting on the matter, and there has been no immediate response from the US Commerce Department, Japan’s trade ministry, or ASML.


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