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In a recent statement, Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council and close ally to President Vladimir Putin, declared Ukraine as an integral part of Russia.

During a youth forum in Sochi, Medvedev emphasized the need for what he called historical parts of Russia to “come home,” suggesting extensive military objectives in Ukraine. He asserted that the operation would continue until Ukraine’s leadership surrenders, receiving applause for stating, “Ukraine is definitely Russia.”

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Medvedev, who served as Russia’s president from 2008 to 2012, criticized a former Ukrainian leader’s assertion that Ukraine is not Russia, calling for this notion to be permanently dismissed. His remarks were made against the backdrop of a large map depicting Ukraine significantly reduced in size, suggesting a future where Russia controls major portions of Ukrainian territory. Despite no immediate response from Kyiv, Ukrainian officials have long accused Russia of conducting an illegal war of conquest, emphasizing the distinct identity of Ukraine and its people.

The presented map illustrated Ukraine as a diminished landlocked country, highlighting a scenario where Russia dominates Ukraine’s eastern, southern regions, and its Black Sea coastline.

Rejecting peace talks with Ukraine’s current government, Medvedev insisted on acknowledgment of a “new reality” by any future Ukrainian administration willing to engage in discussions. He also compared the current state of relations between Moscow and Washington to the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, claiming the situation now is significantly worse, with direct American involvement against Russia.


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