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Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has said that a definitive victory in the Russia-Ukraine war is unlikely for either side.

During an interview, Rubio said, “Neither side is going to be able to achieve victory as defined in the most idealistic terms.” He also refrained from naming specific actions for the US or international leaders in resolving the conflict, stating, “I’m not going to set parameters on what that looks like. It’s not our place to do that; it’s premature to do that.”

Rubio also pointed out the significant disparity in size and military capability between Ukraine and Russia, acknowledging Ukraine’s limitations in comparison. “We have the reality of it is that Ukraine is small compared to Russia in terms of size and its ability to bring scale, its ability to force, conscript people… I’m just being honest,” Rubio said, highlighting the strategic and practical challenges facing Ukraine.

As the conflict exceeded two years without signs of resolution from either party, there is an ongoing debate in Congress about providing additional aid to Ukraine. Rubio has consistently voted against proposals that include support for Ukraine without addressing US border security concerns.


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