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The United States has issued a warning to Pacific Island nations regarding the collaboration with Chinese security forces following reports of Chinese police activities in Kiribati, a country located near Hawaii.

This advisory comes amidst revelations that uniformed Chinese officers are assisting Kiribati’s police force in community policing and developing a crime database program, revealing Beijing’s ongoing efforts to strengthen security ties within the Pacific Islands.


A US State Department spokesperson expressed concerns over the implications of such partnerships, stating, “We do not believe importing security forces from the PRC will help any Pacific Island country. Instead, doing so risks fueling regional and international tensions.” The United States has also voiced its objection to China’s broader “transnational repression efforts” and the establishment of police stations globally.

Kiribati, which also hosts a Japanese satellite tracking station, has become a focal point of strategic interest with China planning to rebuild a World War II-era US military airstrip on Kanton Island, a move that has raised eyebrows in the United States. In response, Washington has committed to enhancing the infrastructure on Kanton Island and expressed its intention to establish an embassy in Kiribati.

Despite these developments, China’s embassy in Kiribati has acknowledged the presence of Chinese police officers in the country but refuted claims of establishing a police station.


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