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National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin stands to gain the most if House Speaker Mike Johnson fails to advance a Ukraine funding bill.

During a CNN interview, Sullivan emphasized the urgency of providing Ukraine with necessary resources, pointing out that the delay benefits Putin directly. He stressed the existence of a bipartisan majority in the House ready to pass the bill, placing the decision squarely on Speaker Johnson’s shoulders.


Sullivan said, “The reality is that Putin gains every day that Ukraine does not get the resources it needs and Ukraine suffers. And there is a strong bipartisan majority in the House standing ready to pass this bill if it comes to the floor, and that decision rests on the shoulders of one person and history is watching whether Speaker Johnson will put that bill on the floor.”

This comes as the White House has been vocal in its criticism of House Republicans’ hesitation to address the Ukraine aid bill, despite the Senate’s bipartisan agreement that includes support not only for Ukraine but also for Israel and Indo-Pacific allies. Speaker Mike Johnson has demanded border provisions and changes to immigration policy, notably absent from the Senate’s proposal.


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