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During an unexpected visit to Odesa, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock revealed that Germany is currently deliberating on providing long-range weaponry to Ukraine amidst ongoing military support discussions.

At a press conference alongside Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Baerbock acknowledged the insufficiency of military support provided thus far and expressed ongoing efforts to enhance aid, including the potential supply of long-range weapons systems. This dialogue took place on the second anniversary of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials have been vocal in their appeals to Western allies for advanced weaponry, specifically targeting the acquisition of longer-range missiles capable of reaching beyond Russian frontlines. Despite the German parliament’s recent approval of additional military support, including long-range systems, it stopped short of committing to deliver Taurus cruise missiles requested by Kyiv. The hesitancy stems from concerns over potential escalations and perceptions of direct German engagement in the conflict.

This comes as Western support for Kyiv was reaffirmed over the weekend, with four leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from Canada, vowing to continue meeting Ukraine’s urgent needs. Kuleba hinted at ongoing discussions regarding weapons and air defenses.


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