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United Nations human rights experts have accused the Israeli military of executing and sexually assaulting Palestinians in Gaza, labeling these acts as severe violations of human rights.

The group, associated with the UN Human Rights Council, expressed anger over the “deliberate targeting and extrajudicial killing” of Palestinian women and children, some of whom were reportedly attempting to flee or signaling surrender with white cloth. These allegations emerge as Israel reportedly gears up for a ground invasion of Rafah, intensifying scrutiny on its military operations.

Aftermath Of An Israeli Strike In Khan Younis

In addition to killings, the experts condemned the “arbitrary detention” of Palestinian women and children, highlighting conditions of “inhuman and degrading treatment” empty of essential medical supplies and food. The report particularly emphasizes distressing accounts of sexual assault against Palestinian women and girls in detention, including forced nudity, searches by male officers, and incidents of rape. The dissemination of degrading images online by Israeli soldiers and the separation of Palestinian children from their parents, including an infant taken to Israel, were also noted, underscoring the range of alleged abuses.

The experts, including notable figures such as Reem Alsalem and Francesca Albanese, have called for an independent investigation into these allegations. They urged the Israeli government to adhere to international standards protecting the life and dignity of Palestinian women and girls, emphasizing the necessity of accountability for those responsible for such crimes. Israel’s mission to the United Nations, however, has dismissed these claims in a statement saying, “It is clear that the co-signatories are motivated not by the truth but by their hatred for Israel and its people. The State of Israel will continue to abide by its obligations under international law.”

These recent allegations add to a long history of reported abuses (from both sides) in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinians.


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