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For the first time, China has presented the export model of its attack helicopter, the Z-10ME, at the Singapore Airshow.

The Z-10ME, an attack helicopter developed by Changhe Aircraft Industries, was initially revealed at Airshow China 2021. Defense analysts have noted that the Z-10ME has many similarities to Boeing’s AH-64 Apache helicopter.


This year’s Singapore Airshow featured the Changhe Z-10-ME-02 export version, equipped with “advanced weaponry and defense systems,” including rocket launchers, guided rockets, and air-to-air missiles. According to the manufacturer, the Z-10 is “easier to maintain” compared to other helicopters in its class.

The helicopter’s design includes a mast-mounted radar, a missile approach warning system, and countermeasures against heat-seeking missiles, enhancing its survivability in combat. According to the manufacturer, the helicopter can carry various munitions, including 23mm high-explosive incendiary ammunition. Earlier models of the Changhe Z-10 have been equipped with both air-to-surface and air-to-air missiles, making the helicopter adaptable to different combat situations.

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Beyond the PLA, the Z-10ME has also found an international customer in Pakistan, with the Pakistan military announcing plans to integrate this helicopter into its arsenal, replacing a previous agreement for T129 attack helicopters from Turkey. Details on the procurement, such as the number of units and the financial terms, remain undisclosed, but the initial deliveries to the Pakistan military have reportedly begun.


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