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Canada’s Defense Minister Bill Blair has announced plans to donate over 800 drones to Ukraine, significantly contributing to Ukraine’s defense capabilities against Russia.

This donation, valued at approximately $95 million, forms part of a broader $500 million aid package announced by the Canadian Prime Minister during a visit to Kyiv in June of the previous year. Canada’s financial support for Ukraine since February 2022 has totaled $9.7 billion, with $2.4 billion dedicated to military assistance.

Skyrangerr70 Ospreypayload

The drones, identified as the SkyRanger R70 and manufactured by Teledyne in Waterloo, Ontario, are designed to enhance Ukraine’s ability to detect and identify military targets. Equipped with various camera systems and payloads, these quad-propeller drones can carry up to 3.5 kilograms and are crucial for locating individuals and vehicles from a distance.

In a statement, the Canadian government said they were committed to standing with Ukraine “for as long as it takes.” Defense Minister Blair added that he hoped the move would boost Canada’s Military Industrial Complex and increase the production of Canadian military equipment.


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