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Following the Senate’s approval of a $95 billion aid package that includes $60 billion for Ukraine, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has called on House Speaker Mike Johnson to schedule a vote without delay.

Schumer dismissed Johnson’s push for stringent border security measures in exchange for the aid and emphasized the situation’s urgency. He said, “Now it’s up to the House to meet this moment, to do the right thing and save democracy as we know it. I would hope to speak to Speaker Johnson directly, and my message is this is a rare moment where history is looking upon the United States and seeing if we will stand up for our values, stand up to bullies like [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and do the right thing.”

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Schumer also highlighted the fact that 22 Republicans in the Senate voted for the funding bill. He said, “The bottom line is this bill passed with a robust majority. We need to get aid to Ukraine quickly. We cannot dither for another three, four months, and the quickest and best way to do it is to pass the Senate bill.”

Senator Schumer also rejected a proposal by Trump to give Ukraine aid in the form of a loan. He said, “Look, the House should pass our bill. We ought to stick with this bill. No one even knows how this loan program would work. Because Donald Trump says something off the cuff doesn’t mean Republicans should march in lockstep to do it.”


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