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The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) reported that federal security forces executed at least 45 civilians in Amhara state in late January, suspected of “supporting [ethnic Amhara armed group] Fano.”

The EHRC’s statement suggested the actual number of victims might be higher. This clash, part of a broader unrest in the region, has seen the federal government imposing a state of emergency and an increase in deadly drone strikes.

Video reportedly showing some of those killed in Merawi

Tewodrose Tirfe, chairman of the Amhara Association of America, revealed to local news outlets that about 70 drone strikes have caused civilian casualties in Amhara since May, noting the Ethiopian army as the region’s sole armed drone operator. The violence in Merawi, where the massacre occurred, comes amid Ethiopia’s tense environment following a peace deal in Tigray. The incident has drawn international concern, with the United States expressing deep worries over “targeted civilian killings” and advocating for an independent investigation.

This comes as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed continues to dismantle state paramilitaries, a move protested by Amhara nationalists fearing regional weakening.


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