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A federal magistrate has ordered Elon Musk’s deposition in the ongoing SEC investigation regarding his acquisition of Twitter, now rebranded as X. This directive comes as part of the legal tussle stemming from Musk’s controversial $44 billion purchase, a deal he initially sought to escape but was ultimately compelled to finalize.

Despite the SEC not charging Musk with any misconduct, the investigation scrutinizes the acquisition’s circumstances and Musk’s subsequent actions.

Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler’s ruling requires Musk and the SEC to coordinate a deposition schedule within a week. Musk has resisted the SEC’s investigative efforts, particularly objecting to a third deposition request in September by disputing the SEC’s authority to mandate his cooperation. In response, the SEC filed a lawsuit in October to enforce Musk’s compliance.

Judge Beeler also pushed back on Musk’s arguments against the SEC’s authority, confirming the agency’s right to issue subpoenas and demand testimony without imposing undue hardship on Musk. This decision escalates the legal battle between Musk and the SEC, which also includes a separate dispute over a 2018 agreement restricting Musk’s public statements about his businesses. Musk has challenged this agreement as a violation of his free speech, a claim that was dismissed by a federal appeals court, prompting him to seek a ruling from the Supreme Court.


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