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Brazil’s federal police have initiated an operation against several of Jair Bolsonaro’s top aides, investigating their involvement in an alleged coup attempt following the former president’s electoral defeat.

Without specifying names, the federal police statement accused the individuals of participating in “a criminal organization” with the intention of unlawfully maintaining the former president in power. Among those implicated are high-profile figures such as General Walter Braga Netto, Paulo Nogueira Batista, and Anderson Torres, with police actions including a visit to Bolsonaro’s residence to request his passport.

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The investigation centers around accusations that the group conspired to overturn the election results by disseminating claims of electoral fraud to justify a military intervention, actions that date back to before the 2022 elections. Bolsonaro, who has been asked to surrender his passport, indicated through a family spokesman that he would comply with the police’s request. Additionally, arrest warrants have been issued for other individuals, including Bolsonaro’s former international affairs advisor, Felipe Martins.

This probe into the coup attempt follows incidents where Bolsonaro’s supporters stormed government buildings in Brasilia, advocating for a military takeover shortly after President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva assumed office.

President Lula has emphasized the necessity of investigating the coup attempt to prevent future occurrences, directly attributing the attempt to Bolsonaro’s influence.


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