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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has announced plans to reimpose and potentially increase tariffs on Chinese goods, potentially exceeding 60%, if he wins the upcoming November election.

In a “Sunday Morning Futures” interview on Fox News, Trump stated, “We have to do it. I mean, look, the stock market almost crashed when it was announced that I won the Iowa primary  in a record. And then when I won New Hampshire, the stock market went down like crazy,” highlighting his view of the economic impact of his previous electoral successes.

Addressing speculation about the severity of the tariffs, Trump clarified, “No, I would say maybe it’s going to be more than that,” indicating that the tariffs could surpass the 60% mark previously reported.

Some history for you:
During Trump’s tenure as president, he imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods in 2018 and 2019 amidst a trade war with China. The Biden administration has since maintained these tariffs and introduced additional restrictions on exporting advanced technology to China, citing national security.

Trump, currently leading the race for the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic President Joe Biden, dismissed concerns over initiating another trade war with China. “It’s not a trade war. I did great with China with everything,” Trump said, reflecting on his administration’s handling of trade relations with China. He also expressed a personal affinity for Chinese President Xi Jinping, stating, “I want China to do great, I do. And I like President Xi a lot. He was a very good friend of mine during my term.”


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