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Manuel Rocha, a former US Ambassador to Bolivia, has been apprehended as part of an extensive FBI counterintelligence investigation, charged with clandestinely operating as an agent for Cuba’s government.

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According to anonymous sources speaking to The Associated Press, Rocha, 73, was detained in Miami based on a criminal complaint, with further details anticipated during a court session on Monday. These sources state that the Justice Department’s case alleges Rocha promoted Cuban governmental interests, an act requiring registration under US law due to its political nature.

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The details of Rocha’s alleged activities remain under wraps as the Justice Department has declined to comment. There’s also uncertainty regarding Rocha’s legal representation, with his former law firm distancing itself from the case.

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Rocha’s diplomatic career, spanning 25 years under various administrations, included significant time in Latin America during the Cold War and a stint in Cuba. His notable influence in Latin American politics, particularly in Argentina and Bolivia, often involved contentious US foreign policy decisions. After retiring, Rocha held top positions in different industries, including the cannabis sector and public relations.


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