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Newly elected Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) indicated on Sunday his willingness to consider a short-term solution to keep the government running beyond the upcoming November 17 deadline.

On Sunday, Johnson said, “I’ve talked with my colleagues about this…I mentioned that I would favor…a stopgap funding measure that we would do that until January 15.” He explained this would move the budgetary process past the end-of-year rush and aid in preventing omnibus spending bills, favoring instead single-subject appropriations.

Emphasizing the priority of government funding, Johnson highlighted a recently passed appropriations bill under his tenure. He described the House as operating “like a well-oiled machine” and expressed optimism about gaining broad support for an interim funding solution if more time is required. Regarding specifics, Johnson hinted at potential conditions, including an expedited 1% spending cut.

He reiterated his commitment to efficient budgetary proceedings, asserting that even staunch fiscal conservatives are geared up to “get this job done.” Johnson’s statements reflect promises in his “Dear Colleague” letter to fellow Republicans, where he advocated for approving all 12 appropriations measures and proposed interim funding solutions to protect the House from Senate-imposed year-end pressures.

Johnson’s ascent to the Speaker’s role followed intense GOP infighting and came after a 220-209 party-line vote. The shake-up in leadership occurred when former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) introduced a “clean” short-term funding bill in collaboration with Democrats, mere hours before a looming government shutdown. This action ultimately led to his removal from the top leadership position.


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