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The United Auto Workers union is intensifying its weeklong strike, targeting General Motors and Stellantis facilities but sparing Ford due to a revised offer.

UAW President Shawn Fain announced the strike would encompass 38 parts distribution centers across nine US states. The current strike involves picketers at three auto assembly plants, with about 13,000 UAW members participating.

Fain’s earlier statements indicated the strike’s expansion hinged on the progress at the bargaining table, emphasizing the differentiated approach towards Ford as opposed to GM and Stellantis. The UAW’s strategy focuses on targeting parts centers, aiming to increase pressure on GM and Stellantis by impacting vehicle repairs and services.

Stellantis voiced concerns about the UAW’s intentions, pointing towards internal union communications suggesting long-term disruption plans. On the ground, strikers at Stellantis’ Romulus distribution center in Michigan appeared determined and unified.

What workers are demanding:
UAW members have multiple demands, including a single pay scale for all workers and adjustments for inflation. Ford’s recent offer reintroduced cost of living adjustments, which had been previously rescinded during the 2009 financial crisis.

The impact:
Early impacts on vehicle production due to the strike are evident, with all three companies reporting reduced outputs. Financial analysts predict the ongoing strike will increase pressure on the carmakers, especially GM and Stellantis.

This comes as President Joe Biden has signaled his intention to stand with the strikers, announcing plans to visit Michigan and “stand in solidarity with the men and women of UAW.” President Biden called UAW’s offer a “win-win agreement” for the automobile industry.


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