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The White House has downplayed concerns about the recent shooting down of unidentified aerial objects by US military fighter jets.

White House National Security Council Director of Strategic Communications John Kirby assured Americans on Friday that there is no need to worry that “the skies are somehow full of attack balloons.” However, the Biden administration has admitted that it may never be able to identify the three unknown objects shot down by the military.

During a press conference, Kirby revealed that the Biden administration is still assessing the three unknown objects, but it may be impossible to identify them definitively. Kirby said, “I can’t sit here and promise you that we will get to that level of fidelity and detail.” Kirby added that finding the objects would be difficult, given the conditions of the locations where they were shot down, and it would also be hard to “do the forensics to identify” them.

The administration has not ruled out any potential unidentified aircraft and will continue to assess any threat. Kirby emphasized that the administration dealt with the recent objects efficiently and safely. He said, “Nobody was hurt as these balloons were taken down, and I think that should give the American people a measure of comfort and confidence.”

This comes as US military fighter jets have shot down at least four aerial objects over the last two weeks, including a Chinese spy balloon that flew across the country from Alaska to South Carolina over an eight-day period. President Biden addressed the situation for the first time on Thursday, suggesting that the additional objects were “most likely balloons tied to private companies, recreation or research institutions studying weather or conducting other scientific research.”

Despite the recent sightings, President Biden said there had been no sudden increase in the number of objects in the sky, and his team is working on sharper rules to distinguish between objects that pose a risk and those that do not.


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