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The United States is moving to name an ambassador for the Arctic as Russia is reestablishing soviet-era military sites in the region and China is moving forward with creating a “polar silk road.”

In a statement, the US Department of State said “An arctic region that is peaceful, stable, prosperous, and cooperative is of critical strategic importance to the United States. As one of the eight Arctic nations, the United States has long been committed to protecting our national security and economic interests in the region, combating climate change, fostering sustainable development and investment, and promoting cooperation with Arctic States, Allies, and partners.”

The announcement follows NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg visit to the arctic, where he said Russia poses a “strategic challenge to the 30-nation alliance” in the region. Stoltenberg added, “Beijing and Moscow have pledged to intensify practical cooperation in the Arctic. This forms part of the deepening strategic partnership that challenges our values and our interests. The high north is strategically important for Euro-Atlantic security. The shortest path to North America for Russian missiles and bombers would be over the North Pole. This makes NORAD’s role vital for North America and therefore also for NATO.”


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