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The US Air Force has successfully tested a hypersonic missile after failing a previous test two weeks ago.

According to sources speaking to various defense news outlets, the US Air Force conducted a successful test of their Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW), which Lockheed Martin is developing. The test occurred off the coast of California.

The ARRW is a hypersonic missile that is launched from under the wing of an airplane while in flight. In previously failed tests, the ARRW has had issues with failing to launch from under the wing. According to reports, the ARRW has a max range of 1000 miles and a max speed of mach 5.

The news comes as some military analysts say that the United States is  “behind the curve” when it comes to hypersonic missile development. Russia and China are believed to be ahead of the United States in the development of hypersonic missiles, with Russia already using them in Syria and Ukraine.


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