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Video we’ve obtained of the mother talking about her child (after her death) has been posted at the bottom of our page. Some may find the footage disturbing 

The grandfather and uncle of a  3-year-old girl who died during an exorcism at a San Jose church have been formally charged with her death after 8 months. According to court documents, Rene Trigueros Hernandez Sr. (59) and Rene Aaron Hernandez Jr. (19) were charged with felony child abuse causing death.

Rene Trigueros Hernandez Sr (left) and Rene Aaron Hernandez Jr (right)

Prosecutors say that on September 24, 2021 police received a 911 call from the child’s mother, Claudia Hernandez, saying that her daughter had died. Police and medical personnel arrived at an informal church (a room rented out in a house) and located the child (Arely Doe) on the floor. After attempting to perform lifesaving attempts on the child, she eventually was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. According to the medical examiner, the child had “visible injuries including multiple injuries to her tongue and mouth, multiple linear abrasions on the face and neck, patterned injuries on the neck with numerous bruises to the neck and clavicle region, multiple blunt force trauma injuries across her chest, back, and extremities, and internal bleeding from her heart.”

The mother of the child, Claudia Hernandez (left) and the child Arely Doe (right)

Officers interviewed the child’s mother, grandfather, and uncle who claimed that the child was “possessed by a demon” and “traveled to the makeshift church to pray for her.” According to statements, the mother believed the child was possessed because “she would wake up and scream or cry.” Police eventually charged the mother, grandfather, and uncle with felony child abuse, causing death.

All three suspects mugshots

The prosecutor involved in the case, Jeff Rosen said “A child is gone because of unimaginable behavior by the same people who should have been taking care of her. Evidence shows that the now-three charged suspects in the child’s death believed that they were expelling an ‘evil demon’ from the child’s body. The mother believed that her daughter was possessed by a demon because the little girl would wake up in the middle of the night and cry. Their actions were simply barbaric.”

District Attorney Jeff Rosen

Many have criticized the police on why it took so long to arrest the grandfather and uncle. Police have responded to public outcry saying “the thing that allowed us to arrest Rene Hernandez Sr. and Rene Hernandez Jr. was the release of the medical examiner’s report to our office.”

San Jose Police Department Statement of Facts Page 1

San Jose Police Department Statement of Facts Page 2

San Jose Police Department Statement of Facts Page 3

Full video we’ve obtained of the mother of the child (Claudia Hernandez) talking about her child days after she died. Claudia has been charged with her daughters death. 


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