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In the latest escalation of violence along the South Sudan-Sudan border, more than 50 people, including women, children, and two UN peacekeepers, have been killed.

The attacks, which occurred in the disputed Abyei region on Saturday, represent the most severe incidents in the area since 2021, related to a longstanding boundary dispute.

Region Abyei Sudan South

Bulis Koch, the Information Minister for Abyei, confirmed the casualties on Monday, noting that the attackers were armed young men from South Sudan’s Warrap State.

The Abyei region, known for its oil reserves, is a contentious area jointly aided by South Sudan and Sudan, with both nations claiming it. Koch detailed that the casualties included local residents, police officers, and even children. An additional 64 individuals were wounded during the attacks, prompting the imposition of a curfew due to the escalated security concerns.


William Wol, the Information Minister of Warrap State, announced a joint investigation into the attacks with the Abyei administration.

Digging Deeper:
The attacks are rooted in longstanding ethnic tensions and a dispute over an administrative boundary critical for tax revenue from cross-border trade. Koch attributed the attacks to young Dinka men from Warrap and forces of a Nuer rebel leader, targeting both Dinka and Nuer communities in Abyei.

This violence comes as there is ongoing instability in the region, where a civil war in South Sudan, fueled by ethnic divisions, caused significant casualties and the displacement of millions. Despite the end of the civil war, sporadic clashes among various armed groups continue to wreak havoc, with a November clash in Abyei resulting in at least 32 deaths.


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